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Vehicle's location

The EasyTracker system allows the current location of vehicles to be displayed on the map, the history of the route completed and stops for an arbitrarily selected time interval. In addition to the current location on the map, the direction of movement of the vehicle, current speed, kilometers traveled on the current day and the name of the driver registered in the vehicle are monitored in real time. The map is available in both road and satellite graphics with Traffic and Google Street View functions.

For a faster review, a text printout of the location of the vehicles is also available with information about the driver, driving economy and average fuel consumption for the current day.

Reports and vehicle driving history

Several types of reports are available to the user, differing in form and content. Daily, weekly, monthly, customer attendance reports, fuel consumption reports, driver hours and machine reports are available. Reports can be printed or exported in excel or PDF format. Some reports can also be edited and automatically sent to an email address.

There are also events and warnings linked to individual vehicles. The EasyTracker system can inform you about speeding, driving outside the planned route, excessive fuel consumption, unauthorized movement of the vehicle, stopping for too long, turning off the tracking device… Warnings are triggered when an event occurs (speeding), depending on the kilometers traveled (regular service after 60,000 km , oil change) and according to the time interval (registration period, tire refitting, …).

Driver's identification

When the vehicle is used by several drivers, the EasyTracker system comes to your aid by manually or automatically assigning the driver to the vehicle by installing a reader (magnetic, RFID) that detects the driver (magnetic key, RFID card, pendant, etc.). With this, you can quickly check who is driving or has driven the vehicle in the past. In addition, the driver’s name also appears on reports (relationships, travel orders, ..). Registration and de-registration of the driver is also possible via our mobile application.

In the event that drivers forget to register, we enable the installation of a beeper that warns the driver with beeps that he is not registered in the vehicle.

Employees working hours, private driving, GDPR

The identification reader in the vehicle can also be used to monitor attendance and record working hours in the field. Working hours are counted based on the employee’s registration time in the vehicle. The first check-in for an individual day is taken into account for the start of work, and the time of the last check-in for an individual day is taken into account for the end of work. The working time record shows you the collection of working hours of all employees for the selected period.

EasyTracker also allows you to separately track mileage and routes depending on the type of driving. If you allow employees to use the vehicle also for transportation from work to home and vice versa, the driver can set the current drive as private with a simple switch via the toggle switch installed in the vehicle. In this case, the vehicle is not tracked, and only the kilometers driven are displayed in the reports.

Points of interest - POI

Points of interest – POIs are points on the map or reasons for employees to stop. Examples of points of interest are: customers, partners, inns, warehouses, business units or all locations that have some interest value for the user. The EasyTracker system allows manual (by address, by tax) automatic entry of several types of points of interest, which are added according to needs. Entering a point of interest makes it easier to monitor visits to points of interest (last visit, which vehicle and the duration of the visit) and thereby improves the transparency of planned and unplanned stops in the reports. Points of interest can be divided by individual administrators and integrated with the customer relationship management program (EasyPosel CRM).

Travel orders and vehicle booklet

A simple and transparent solution for manual and automatic creation of travel orders based on completed journeys for an individual month or an arbitrarily selected time interval with the possibility of editing (correction of routes and mileage) and adding other related costs. The created travel orders can be printed or exported to Excel.

The electronic booklet of a motor vehicle enables the automatic filling in of the legally required data about the motor vehicle (routes driven, mileage, odometer status, fuel consumption, refueling) and their storage in one place. By automatically managing this data, you save time that would otherwise be required to fill out forms manually.

Vehicle expenses

The EasyTracker system enables the automatic recording of costs via fuel filling cards (Petrol, OMV, DKV, Shell) and thus the collection of all data on fuel purchases (filling location, amount of fuel filled, amount) and other products at gas stations. It is also possible to manage other costs related to the vehicle fleet (regular and extraordinary services, tire changes, etc.) with the option of saving files (invoices, guarantees) via computer and mobile application, as well as setting reminders for regular service intervals and the flow of documents by time and kilometers traveled.

Vehicle security

Tracking devices are also installed in company vehicles and work machines for the purpose of protection against theft, unauthorized use and theft of equipment and goods transported by the vehicle.

For protection, manual and automatic locking with time criteria are available. Protection is available in case of unauthorized door opening, unauthorized movement or movement outside of working hours, voltage drop or battery disconnection, entry or exit from a predetermined area (construction site, parking lot) and if the ignition is switched on outside of working hours (theft of machine parts) . Alarms are triggered in the web application itself as an audio warning, warnings are sent to e-mail addresses or via SMS.

Working hours of machinery

Through the EasyTracker system, we can monitor and control the effective working time of the machine, which is monitored according to the contact, via the accelerometer, with the help of external voltage and according to the engine revolutions. . In this way, we can find out when and for how long the machine was idle or with contact and when and how long the machine was actually running (active operation).

If necessary, we also arrange the connection of sensors to hydraulic or electrical assemblies that drive additional machinery (spreader, hydraulics for lifting tipper or bucket, basket… etc.). Based on the data captured from these sensors, we arrange the correct display of the working hours of the machine after contact.

Taho transfer, communication and per diems

WEB Tacho je spletna storitev, ki omogoča oddaljen prenos podatkov iz digitalnega tahografa in voznikovih kartic. Podatki iz tahografa in voznikove kartice se shranijo na WEB TACHO serverju v formatu .DDD in so na voljo za pregled in izpis.

Two-way communication between the dispatcher and the driver and the sending of referrals to the location can take place via a Garmin navigation device, tablet or smartphone. For each sent message, you can see when it was sent, delivered, read and possibly deleted. So you can be sure that the message has reached its addressee.

In addition to text messages and sending directions to the location when using a smartphone or tablet, it is also possible to send images, videos and documents (CMR forms,…)

The EasyTracker system also allows you to monitor driving hours and kilometers traveled by country and calculate daily allowances.

Wireless sensors

With the EasyTracker service, you can use wired or wireless sensors to monitor the temperature of cargo in cooling chambers, portable cooling bags and all other accessories intended for the storage, maintenance and preservation of a certain temperature of the cooling object.

To prevent potential damage to the cargo, you can also set a warning if the temperature falls below the permissible limit in the range from -40°C to +85°C.

In addition to temperature monitoring, wireless sensors can also be used to monitor room humidity and to track smaller things that do not have their own power supply.

Fuel consumption and ECO driving

By connecting the tracking device to the vehicle’s computer (CAN BUS), users of the vehicle tracking system can ensure a complete overview and control of the actual kilometers driven according to the vehicle’s odometer, monitor engine revolutions, driving economy (for trucks), the amount of fuel in the tank and average consumption both by vehicles and by drivers and possible vehicle faults (low oil level, low tire pressure, etc.).

The driving style of drivers also has a significant impact on fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance costs. The most fuel is consumed by fast drivers who also accelerate and brake aggressively. The EasyTracker system has a solution, namely ECO driving, which collects and analyzes data on acceleration, braking, speeding, sharp turns and engine idling. You can check the driving style rating at any time via the reports and warn more aggressive drivers about uneconomical driving.

IT Consultation 01
Provide businesses with expert advice and guidance on their technology infrastructure and strategy, identification of areas for improvement, and recommendations on technology solutions to support their business goals.
Data Security 02
Data security solution that offers businesses comprehensive cybersecurity measures to protect their data, including network and endpoint security, encryption, compliance with data privacy regulations, and security monitoring.
Solution Development 03
Creating custom technology solutions to meet the unique needs of businesses or organizations. The solution can be developed for a variety of purposes, including improving efficiency, reducing costs, enhancing customer experiences, and increasing revenue.
UI/UX Design 04
Focus on creating intuitive and visually appealing interfaces for digital products such as websites, mobile applications, and software systems. (UI) visual elements of a product, including layout, color scheme, typography, and icons. (UX) overall experience a user has with a product.
Social Media Services 05
Managing and optimizing a business's presence on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Creating and publishing content, developing social media strategies, monitoring engagement, and analyzing social media metrics to improve performance.
GPRS Tracking 06
(GPS) technology to track the location of a vehicle, asset, or person in real-time. GPRS technology to transmit the data to a remote server, which can then be accessed through a web-based interface or mobile application. GPRS tracking devices can be installed on various assets, including vehicles, containers, and equipment.
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